The Carleton County Animal Shelter was founded in 1995.  Since then we have housed and re-homed hundreds of dogs and cats from all over western New Brunswick.  The CCAS is a No-Kill shelter, meaning that animals will not be euthanized simply because of a lack of space.  Euthanasia is reserved for a last resort and is performed only when our veterinary care providers deem it necessary to prevent suffering.  Currently CCAS has a capacity to house 52 cats and 6 dogs.  The demand of the community far exceeds those numbers, so we have to focus on other methods of helping stray animals outside of the shelter as much as possible.  By networking with other shelters in the province, supplying per food where needed and assisting in spay and newter expenses, we are trying to give as many ownerless pets a chance at survival as possible, until a permanent home can be found for each and every one.  Keeping the shelter open is no easy task.  The expense alone is mind-boggling, at over $80,000 each and every year.  It takes a team of individuals who are willing to work with the animals, raise funds and help try to educate the public on the plight of stray animals in our community.  We need all of the help we can get and welcome anyone who would like to lend a hand for the animals.
Carleton County Animal Shelter, 2017